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Study: 15% of Remote Employees Used Cannabis While Working

Key Takeaways From Report

  • 15% of remote employees worked from home under the influence of marijuana during the pandemic.

  • 28.7% of remote employees wanted to smoke marijuana with co-workers, 17.8% wanted to smoke with their boss, and 13.4% wanted to smoke with both.

  • The main benefit remote employees who have worked from home under the influence reported was decreased stress (52.9%). Additional reported benefits included increased creativity (51.1%) and increased productivity (42.6%).

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According to an American Marijuana study, 15% of remote employees worked from home under the influence of cannabis and the majority of those employees reported decreased stress (52.9%) and increased creativity (51.1%). Another 42.6% reported increased productivity while working under the influence of cannabis.

"Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, of the 40.6% of respondents who have worked from home while under the influence of marijuana, most did not continue this practice during the pandemic. More than 63% of respondents answered “no,” and 36.8% answered “yes” to the question of whether they got high at work from home during the pandemic." - American Marijuana, "High at Work From Home".

The survey included 1,001 full-time remote employees, including some who worked remotely both before and during the coronavirus pandemic.

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