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The smartest thing in the 21st century that a man can do is possibly find a way to integrate the rules of nature into his fast-paced way of life. Or else the destruction of the current society isn't far away and is possibly just around the corner. To name some of the worst problems around the globe like hunger, poverty, lack of eco-friendly fuel/energy, diseases, pollution, deforestation and to be able to find a single-source solution for all these tumoral would be a masterstroke!

The introduction of this majestic plant into our lives might disrupt many of the existing industries in the capitalist world and can potentially get them bankrupt. Funded by these giants, the governments also have tried to "DENY, DEMONIZE, DESTROY and even have criminalized the plant in most parts of the world. Today, a common man has no idea that there exists a PLANT, that can solve if not all then 99% of the problems a modern man can face in the 21st century.


Praised and described by many names over the years and all around the globe from different cultures for many reasons as the number of uses from this plant exceeds anything that nature has ever given us. From hempcrete to dietary supplement, bio-fuel to bio-plastics, clothing to furniture. From preventing to fully curing deadly diseases. This plant has got everything that is needed to end major problems of the world and also has many smart solutions for our future.

Grows rapidly and wildly with least to no human intervention which is why it is usually termed as a weed. Until 100 years back it was more common and widely accepted globally, from fiber to food, oils to ointment even governments recognized the importance of this sacred plant.

And in India, it was extensively used for all types of activities, recreational to religious, textiles. More importantly, it was used as a healing herb known to be The King of Herbs in Ayurveda, hence the name Vijaya. One of the most important gods in the holy trinity of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharm) Lord Shiv had a profound fondness towards this plant and so has been confirmed by his followers.


Today after 35 years of prohibition where our government has blindly clubbed a plant with other hard drugs. But still, more and more people are expressing interest in cannabis as a safer choice over alcohol or tobacco, and on the other hand, the ban has created nexus drug mafias due to which users are oftentimes exposed to other harmful and oftentimes lethal chemicals. And for those who just want to enjoy a herb have to deal with a lot of adulteration. If a common man could utilize all that this plant has to offer it would truly be revolutionary.

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